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Transformational coaching

for people who are unhappy at work 

that takes you to focus, fulfilment and freedom.

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does this sound like you?


You feel stressed, suffocated and drained because of work.


You see everything through a negative lens. You lose perspective and just feel miserable.


You can see yourself playing a role, hiding who you really are, which takes so much of your energy.


You are not being heard or seen by your boss or your colleagues. You feel like you don’t count, even though you put so much effort in your work.


At home the negative thoughts don't stop. You are no longer able to relax and you don't sleep well.


You have allies at work. They are a great support, but the constant moaning adds to the negativity and makes you feel worse. 


You snap at your family a lot. Friends are completely fed up with your work stories.

You feel paralysed, stuck

and you really don’t know

what to do.

You have listened to the advice of friends, but it is very hard for them to be objective and tell you the truth.

You have looked at videos on the internet, but all that turned up was generic and didn’t really apply to you.

You have read self development books on finding purpose, but you haven’t found it yet.

You tried different ways to approach your boss or your colleagues, but none of it helped.

You have been peeking at job adverts, but you have no idea what you want or how to go about it.

so what does work?

find out what works for you

Well-meaning advice or general clichés rarely do the trick. Whether you want to be happier in your current job or you are dreaming of a new career, you will need to find out what works for you and in your situation. 

a deep, thorough process

You want real change. You need a deep, thorough process, where ideas are explored and challenged in a safe and accepting environment. A process in which you work on all levels - philosophical, psychological and practical. 


It will be challenging, but if you have the courage to do it, you will gradually start looking at things from different angles, start approaching things in different ways and create new and exciting opportunities that go way beyond what you imagined possible.

what makes this coaching special?

transformational coaching

In transformational coaching we go beyond the tests an models that are often used in coaching. Real change must come from deep within and that's why we will explore together what your dreams are, what is holding you back, what your pitfalls are and what you can do to find focus, fulfilment and freedom in your situation.


about me

Jaap has helped me enormously in a turbulent time at work. I can highly recommend a coaching programme with Jaap.
A strong theoretical background, many years of work experience and excellent coaching skills

From a young age, I asked myself questions about life. What is a good life? And why?


As an ambitious student, I studied two main subjects. Psychology, because that is where research of these types of questions is done, and Italian, because in the cheerful enthusiasm of this country surely some answers were to be found. 


I started working in publishing. I published a lot of beautiful books and software and I led a team. In more than 25 years I have experienced the stress and the challenges, the highs and the lows that working life will bring you. More and more I asked myself questions about it. I decided to go back to my psychology background and trained to be a coach.


In my coaching practice From Surviving to Thriving I have helped many people to find happiness at work. My background in psychology gives me a strong theoretical basis. With my years of office experience I know all about the dynamics of the working place. The amazing people of Animas Centre for Coaching in London have taught me how to coach effectively and in-depth. Now I work as a trainer for Animas and teach people how to be good coaches.

It is my mission to help people find happiness at work again

Research shows that between 60% to 80% of the people suffer at work. If you are not happy in your job, it is really difficult to be happy in your life. You spend many, many hours at work and also at home negative thoughts won't stop when things are bad. I find it heartbreaking to see how people continue to struggle, while from my own experience I know that work can be the place where you can express who you are, where you can make the world little better, and where you can have so much fun.

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MA in Psychology at the University of Leiden

The Career Funnel

From War to Peace

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Diploma in Transformational Coaching at Animas Centre for Coaching

Certificate in Existential Coaching

The Science of Happiness at Work


what does coaching with me look like?

1.coaching consultation

In this free 30 minute coaching consultation we will see if we are a good fit. I will walk you through what you can expect and I will answer any questions you might have.

2.planning session

In this 60 minute planning session we will spend a bit longer to really get to know each other. We will explore your dreams and your obstacles. We will set your goals and design how we will work together.

3.three months of coaching

During three months we will work together towards your outcomes. We will meet twice every month for 60 minutes and discuss what is going on with you, find clarity about your purpose and direction, explore and examine ideas and strategies. I will challenge you, encourage you and guide you. At the end of this period we will evaluate. Many clients are so happy with the coaching that they decide to continue working with me a little while longer.

video conference or face to face

Because of COVID all my coaching session are on Zoom.

stay in touch

Between sessions you can check in with me using Whatsapp. Clients often say that this is in itself priceless.

your investment

The price for this package of a 60 minute planning session and five 60 minute coaching sessions is € 500 (0% VAT) via Zoom.​


any questions?

do you use a lot of models or psychological tests in your coaching?

Although some coaches have great results with models and tests, I’m not a big fan of them. They are very standardised and it’s like trying to fit someone in a mould. In my view we should focus on what makes you unique and special. That’s why I use coaching techniques and in-depth interviews instead. 

should I start looking for a new job?

This can be one of the questions that we will explore in the coaching. When we start working on the problems in your job, maybe you will find your mojo again and no longer want to leave. Or maybe it is time for a new step or a whole new direction. I can help you to figure out what you would really like to do and what is realistic in your situation. You will go home with a concrete step-by-step plan to really find that job. 

does that work, coaching via zoom?

Coaching is a very intimate process and some clients are apprehensive of doing that via a video call. I use it a lot and in practice coaching via video works really well. Being in the comfort of your own home actually will help you feeling at ease. Of course there are a lot practical benefits as well.

I’m not so good with technology. Will I be able to work with zoom without problems?

It’s the easiest thing. I will send you a link and you click on it. It is important, of course, to do the calls from a quiet place with no background noise and that you won't be disturbed. You will need a headset for better sound, so you can really focus on the coaching.

do you work with international clients?

I live both in Den Haag and in London, and I love to work with international clients. Sessions can be in English, Dutch or Italian and via video conference wherever you are in the world.


happy clients

In October I started a coaching programme with Jaap. I wasn’t doing well and after each session with Jaap I felt happier and more positive. I see opportunities again and I’m back to my old self. I became passionate again and all this after just six sessions. Super.



I felt a really stuck, but because of Jaap I got back the trust that everything is still possible and that everything in the future is still open. Jaap listens really well, really takes time and he also asks the right questions, that make you find out what you really want most. I am really happy with the coaching, it has changed my life a lot in a positive way.



This is a genuinely useful process and I highly recommend it. Jaap is not only an excellent listener, he also actively prompts constructive and positive thoughts and guides you to specific and practical outcomes.


I only want to work with happy clients.
If, during the process, you are unhappy about the coaching, you’ll get your money back, 100%, without hesitation.

has negativity taken over your life long enough?

There is so much you can do about it! I work with a small number of selected clients. Secure your spot by booking a coaching consultation now.
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any questions?